We have implemented the SPC (Statistical Process Control) for an effective and strict control of working procedures and work instructions. It has reduced process variations and contributes greatly in improved output quality.

Material quality check

The quality of final output depends upon the quality of input. Therefore, at Western Auto Spares, we undertake strict Quality check of incoming raw material. Weekly and monthly reports are prepared for monitoring the Technical & Quality parameters.

Melting and Casting process quality check

This includes,

Spectrometer for precise control of composition.
Metallurgical microscope for microstructure.
Temperature measurement of each melt before tapping.
Regular monitoring of electrical energy used during melting.
Hardness and strength checking of each melt.
Regular checks for optimum RPM, Die temperature, Die coating, Metal quantity      and Spinning time.


Machining and Honing process quality check

This covers,

Checking surface conditions and dimensional accuracy.
Applying Hydraulic tests for controlling temperature to avoid variations in size.
Autosizing arrangements for achieving perfect size and volume.
Latest pressure testing equipments for leakage testing.
Air electronic grading for Bore / OD.

Hommel Tester

Mitutoyo, Federal, Hommel Surface finish testers.

Roundness Tester for checking complete geometrical parameters.

Roundness Tester

Probe Inspection
Latest diameter checking instruments with probe for checking all fitment diameters - simultaneously. 
Computerised shadow graph for complete OD profile

Shadow Graph

Computerised Quality checks and recording techniques are used at all levels, for continuous quality adherance. Thus, we have evolved an organizational system, where Quality is not an added process and control, but ‘a way of life’.